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Fuller to speak at First Responders breakfast


The Greater Valley
Area Chamber of Com-
merce has announced its
plans to host its second
annual fi rst responders ap-
preciation breakfast next
week. The event is set
to show appreciation to
those in the area who an-
swer the call when danger
or threats arise and to en-
sure that the normal way
of life can be maintained
in Chambers County.
The Chamber of
Commerce will host the
second annual apprecia-
tion breakfast on Friday
May 4, 2018 at the Valley
Community Center from
8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Eastern Time. The event
is set to host offi cials
from several municipali-
ties to include members
of police, fi re, EMS,
volunteer fi re and ems,
sheriff deputies, state
troopers, coroners, US
Army Corp of Engi-
neers, EMA/911, military
members and veterans,
EAMC-Lanier, and Life
Flight personnel.
This year’s breakfast
will also feature spe-
cial guest speaker Jody
Fuller. Fuller is known
for his speaking engage-
ments in the region. He is
also known for his mili-
tary service record and as
a comedian as well as his
popular writings which
are seen in various area
Last year the Chamber
of Commerce held its
inaugural fi rst responders
breakfast to honor fi rst
responders in the area it
serves which includes
Chambers, Troup, and
Harris Counties. The
breakfast was seen as a
great success and way to
pay those back who serve
this community. The
GVACC has been busy
over the past week gain-
ing support and getting
the word out to ensure
this years event will be as
big of a success as it was
last year.