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Funding for low income families available


By Alton Mitchell

Governor Kay Ivey has signed a grant totaling more than $37.3 million dollars, with a large portion of that grant on tap to assist residents in Chambers County as the first surge of winter has impacted the state of Alabama. The grant is one that allows assistance to local residents whom have displayed need with energy bills related to heating their homes in the winter months.

As snow and cold descended upon Chambers County and the rest of the state over the past weekend many residents sat across the area sat in cold homes due to difficulties with heating and energy bills. The award presented by Governor Kay Ivey opens up funds to assist the neediest families in the state with combating the cold weather in the coming months.

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program grants, were issued to 21 community service agencies throughout the state. These grants provide funds to help eligible low-income families with home energy related expenses. “The funds help to ensure that low-income residents including the elderly, children, and those with disabilities, do not have to endure the winter without heat,” said Governor Ivey. “Often these families are forced to weigh between having a heated home or food on the table and necessary medicine, and these funds provide much-needed assistance,” Ivey concluded.

The funds for the grant come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is administering the grant. Residents locally who wish to apply for the assistance grants will go through a local community service agency. These agencies will determine eligibility based upon income, family size, and available resources.

The grant to assist residents of Chambers County totals $862,929. The grant was made available to Community Action Committee Inc of Chambers-Tallapoosa-Coosa. The local grant funds are open to residents in the three counties serviced by the agency. Neighboring Lee County received a grant of $1.31 million and it is being administered through the Alabama Council on Human Relations Inc.

Those residents seeking assistance can contact the Community Action Committee Inc. at (256)825-4287. The offices for the organization are located in Dadeville, but service all of Chambers County.