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Gas prices expected to rise


By Alton Mitchell

It is no secret that local gas prices are increasing throughout Chambers County, Alabama, and much of the Southeastern United States. Gas prices are up for this Christmas travel season and according to those close to the industry they may continue to rise.

Motorist traveling this Christmas season noticed that gas prices had the highest rise in price for the month of December in six years. Fuel prices are probably going to continue to rise as oil producing nations have come to an agreement to cut production which should boost the price of both oil and gasoline.

Last Christmas motorist had some ease at the pump as the national average of gasoline nationwide was $1.99 per gallon according to Gasbuddy.com. This year the national average for regular unleaded stood at $2.28 going into the Christmas holiday.
Residents of LaFayette and Chambers County are seeing a much better side of the price scale for gasoline. In LaFayette most stations are hovering around the $2.09 mark The County as a whole sees prices fluctuating from as low as $1.94 in Lanett on up to $2.25 in some rural areas of Chambers County.

Many stations in the state of Alabama are still reporting prices under the $2 mark however some have come over that price. The average price statewide as of Christmas was $2.07 statewide. According to AAA.com the average price one year ago was $1.77 per gallon in Alabama during the Christmas holiday.

Alabama drivers are also receiving better prices than some neighboring states. In neighboring Georgia motorist are seeing a state average of $2.18 per gallon of regular unleaded. A quick drive from Lanett to neighboring West Point can have a difference in .30 cents for gasoline as the average price around West Point is $2.25 per gallon.

Prices across Alabama and the nation are expected to continue to rise. In the past week the average per gallon in Alabama has risen by .02 cents from $2.05 to $2.07 per gallon. One Month around the Thanksgiving Holiday according to AAA.com the average price per gallon in Alabama was $1.93 per gallon.