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Grand Jury list 20 courthouse items that need repair


By Alton Mitchell

A Chambers County Grand Jury met for the Spring 2017 term last month. The Grand Jury returned a long list of criminal indictments as well as toured local facilities maintained by Chambers County including the Detention Facility and the County Courthouse. The Grand Jury compiled a list of recommended improvements to be presented to the Honorable Judge Steve Perryman.

The Chambers County Grand Jury heard a long list of pending criminal charges now present in the county. Members of the Grand Jury successful returned 274 true bills for indictment of criminal charges in Chambers County. The Grand Jury commended the Chambers County Drug Task Force, LaFayette Police Department, Valley Police Department, Lanett Police Department, and The Chambers County Sheriff’s Department for their professionalism in the presentation of their cases.

The Grand Jury also toured several locations throughout the county those included the Chambers County Detention Facility. The Grand Jury notes that they conducted a physical examination of the facility and commended Sheriff Sid Lockhart and his staff on the manner in which the Detention Facility is operated and maintained. The Grand Jury noted the professional, knowledgeable, and efficiency of the staff members at the Detention Facility. The Grand Jury did recommend some upgrades for the Detention Facility to include plumbing, painting, and additional housing for female inmates.

The Grand Jury toured the Chambers County Courthouse as well. That tours was led by Assistant District Attorney, Ronald Sledge. The Grand Jury commended the Chambers County Commission for their work in the preservation efforts of the Courthouse. While the efforts were well displayed in the preservation the Grand Jury did return a list of twenty items in need of repair or upgrade at the courthouse.

Those included items such as carpeting in the courthouse that is in need of cleaning or replacement. A sound system is recommended for the old courtroom. Better seating in the old courtroom to included need for new cushions and maintenance. Lighting throughout the courthouse is in need of upgrade or replacement. Painting upgrades are needed throughout the Courthouse. The ceiling in the assistant Districts Attorney’s office should be replaced. The roof of the Courthouse Annex is in need of replacement.

The Grand Jury for the Spring Term of 2017 submitted the documentation of its findings on February 10th of 2017.