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Great out of The Box New Years Resolution Ideas


By Alton Mitchell

It is the time once again for the calendar to make its annual change to a new year. The changing of the numbers on the calendar also comes with an annual tradition for many in making a new year’s resolution. Often times the resolutions made by many are not held very far into the calendar. Many set resolutions such as eating healthier, or getting physically fit. However there are several New Year’s resolutions that are a little bit easier to keep and can make one a better person as a whole.
One of the top resolutions that some may try in the year 2016 is something as simple as putting down a bad and very disruptive habit. This is not what many are thinking in the way of smoking or alcohol use, but rather put the one thing down that has become like a third hand to many and that is their cellular device. The lives of many are held in the palm of their hands this includes everything from their social life to banking information, on down to the way that communication is governed. Many have vowed to make a resolution that will allow them to put their phones down for a brief amount of time each day and to focus on the physical world just a bit more.
The virtual life that many have invested in their smartphones is not easy for everyone to put down, but other more out of the box resolutions do exist as well. One that can be assimilated into everyone’s daily life is the practice of using good manners. When going out be respectful to one another and use common phrases that were learned in grade school such as thank you, and ladies first. These little gestures go a long way in uplifting the day of a recipient of the gesture. It also shows common courtesy and creates a role model style example.
While enriching ones soul with respect and common courtesy to one another, the development of a cultural based mindset can be a great resolution for 2016. The enjoyment of the arts and theatre can be a nice day trip. Several cities offer Broadway style shows in the region. Venues in Atlanta, Columbus, Montgomery, and Birmingham are all only hours away, but do run year round performances. The resolution to become more culturally enriched is a great resolution that can lead to the development of a new hobby.
Self-knowledge can be a resolution idea that will be easy to keep this can span a variety of areas including learning a new skill such as cooking, gardening, or a trade. The resolution to teach yourself new things in the New Year becomes not just a resolution, but a lifelong accomplishment. Aside from self-teaching yourself in 2016 going back to school can also be a resolution to keep. After all learning is one thing that has no age limit.
As many will sit and watch the ball drop over New York City on New Years Eve, many will be deciding their best resolution ideas to make as the calendar rolls over. Whatever goal is made it is just best to keep in mind that a resolution is a goal, and to make goals realistic and obtainable.