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Handy Cemetery named to historic registry


A well known LaFay-
ette area cemetery has
earned a special recogni-
tion that now places it
among a unique listing of
cemeteries in the state of
Alabama. That recognition
will soon be evident in the
form of a public marker
that will be placed at the
cemetery in the coming
months designating in
physical form the historic
relevance of the Essie J.
Handy Memorial Cem-
The Alabama Historical
Commission has reviewed
the historical significance
of the Handy Cemetery in
LaFayette. The Commis-
sion has announced that
the cemetery received a
favorable review and will
now be listed in the Ala-
bama Historic Cemetery
The Alabama His-
toric Cemetery Register
is a prestigious listing of
historic cemeteries in the
state of Alabama. The Ala-
bama Historical Commis-
sion notes the cemeteries
on the register a worthy of
both recognition and pres-
ervation. The listing of the
Handy Cemetery honors
its designation.
“Thank you to all of
the committee for all
of their hard work with
this endeavor and we
look forward to having
the marker placed,” said
Charlotte Blasingame,
Executive Director of the
Handy Cemetery Com-
mittee. A new historical
plaque will soon be placed
at the cemetery. According
to Ms. Blasingame that
should be ready in about
three months. However, a
certificate listing the cem

etery as on the register is
heading to LaFayette and
Blasingame soon.
The distinction and
recognition of the Handy
Cemetery is a real honor
for those who put in hard
work for the cemetery.
The Alabama Historical
Commission notes that
it becomes only the 5th
cemetery in Chambers
County to make it onto the
register and is among a list
of only 809 through the state of Alabama.
The Alabama Histori-
cal Commission issued a
letter stating that are
appreciative of the efforts
of those involved with the
cemetery and the efforts
to preserve Alabama’s
historical resources. The
commission also noted
that it looks forward to
working on future preser-
vation projects in this area.