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Healthy messaging signs installed on walking trail


Chambers County
Extension partnered with
the Chambers County
Recreation Board and
the Chambers County
Sheriff’s Department
to install mile marker
and healthy messaging
signs at the LaFayette
Walking Trail located at
the Chambers County
Agriculture Center on
Highway 77 in LaFay-
ette. These signs promote
healthy lifestyles by
encouraging community
members to eat better
and move more.
Chambers County
Extension Coordina-
tor, Ken McMillan, and
SNAP-Ed educator,
Rachael Graham, work to promote these values
in our community and
are pleased to have these
signs in-place. This is
an Alabama Preventing
and Reducing Obesity:
Helping to Engage Ala-
bamians for Long-Term
Health (ALProHealth)
and Supplemental Nutri-
tion Assistance Program
– Education (SNAP-Ed)
initiative developed by
the Alabama Coopera-
tive Extension System at
Auburn University.