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Here’s how and where to vote


By Alton Mitchell

Residents across Alabama will turn out on Tuesday to vote for the GOP candidate to fill the seat vacated in February by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The vacated seat will be filled following an election in December, but several candidates on the GOP ticket now have their future set to be decided on Tuesday.

There has been speculation that the turnout for the primary election will be low with it occurring in and off-year. To help ease any confusion about where are person should vote a website has been established that allows users to enter their information and located their polling location.

Register voters in Alabama can visit: https://myinfo.alabamavotes.gov. The website is sponsored by the Alabama Secretary of State Office. Users will need to enter their county name, their last name, and date of birth and the system will search its databases and reveal the location a voter should vote at.

Polls are open across the state of Alabama from 7 am- 7 pm on next Tuesday August the 15th as voters will pick the Republican candidate to appear on the December ballot to fill Alabama’s vacated senate seat.