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Hey Chump, If You Won’t Vote, You Can’t Talk Trash


A few people I know
tell me they don’t vote
because government is
corrupt and casting a bal-
lot doesn’t matter, because
the system is rigged.
Others tell me I only vote
at presidential elections
because they are what
I argue that voting this
Tuesday counts more than
any other election. It is
true we aren’t voting for a
president, but if you know
politics, the electoral
college, not popular vote,
elects our president.
This election is more
important because of the
sheer number of local
candidates and proposi-
tions on the ballot. This
Tuesday we will be choos-
ing our next Governor. We
will also be choosing our
next Congressman and if
pundits have it right, your
vote may or may not tip
the scales for the Demo-
crats to control the U.S.
Then of course there
are the myriad of state,
local and judgeships that
your vote can help decide.
And let’s face it, these
people matter more to us,
than a president or sena-
tor. They impact our daily
lives greater than anyone
running for a federal posi-
And of course then there are the propositions.
If you read through the
legalize, you might real-
ize again, your vote could
impact which proposal is
approved or not.
I am not here to tell
you to vote Democratic or
Republican, or even Lib-
ertarian. I am not going
to offer my endorsement
to a specific group or
candidate, but I am going
to tell you, one of the
most important freedoms
you have as an American,
is the right to vote, and
you all need to find your
way to the polls and make
your vote count.
I think it is appalling
that less than 50% of us
will actually do this. Vot-
ing for many has become
an inconvenience. We’d
much rather sit at home
in front of the television
set than trudge through
the bad weather to the
closest precinct. It’s a
damn shame we care so
little about something so
These same people
that could care less about
voting are sometimes the
most vocal when it comes
to their position on a par-
ticularly political issue.
If your stance on immi-
gration is so important, I
wonder, why didn’t you
vote? Further what gives
you the right to state an
opinion if you don’t cast
your ballot? It all seems
hypocritical if you ask me.
Voting has become
easier. Back in the day,
it was difficult to get an
absentee ballot and there
was no such thing as early
voting. Nowadays anyone
can get an absentee ballot,
thus avoiding the long
lines that may occur two
or three hours before
the polls close. Those in
charge have attempted
to eliminate the excuses
for not voting, yet people
continue to resist the bal-
lot box.
I’m asking each and
every one of you to stop
with the excuses, and get
to the polls this Tues-
day. This is a simple and
gratifying way we all can
participate in our Democ-
racy. Your candidate may
not win, but you can rest
assured it wasn’t because
you failed to vote.
I will say it again- take
advantage of the freedoms
bestowed upon us by our
founding fathers- VOTE