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Highway Dept. sports surplus


By Alton Mitchell

When government officials often start talking about budgets it usually involves terms such as short falls or bad news about a lack of needed money being available for the budget. However one Chambers County Department has found itself with an excess amount of dollars in its annual budget.
Josh Harvill of the Chambers County Highway Department advised members of the Chambers County Commission on Monday evening that several projects had been completed and additional funds were left over from the budget given to the department this year.

Harvill advised that following projects such as the LaFayette walking trail, Valley Industrial Park improvements, and Boat Ramps on the River the department has an excess $318,500. Harvill asked commissioners to amend the budget for his department because of the excess funds.

Harvill did note that he had not budgeted to purchase construction equipment in the budget. Ironically a needed piece of equipment has begun to give the highway department some mechanical issues in recent weeks and a backup may be needed.

Harvill explained to commissioners that the County utilizes one motorized broom in the County. That piece of equipment has been experiencing some mechanical issues in recent weeks and the department needs a backup. Harvill estimates the cost to purchase a backup broom should be around $6500.
Commissioners authorized Harvill to look into the purchase of a new motorized broom for the County and authorized a window of up to $10,000 for the purchase of that piece of equipment. That window of funding does not change the $318,500 that was left over in the initial budget of the Highway Department.