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Hodge tells Rotary, CCSD about to launch survey


At a recent Rotary Club
meeting Dr. Kelli Hodge,
the Superintendent of the
Chambers County Schools
enlightened the members
about the current on goings
in the school district.
Mrs. Hodge began by
briefly informing Rotary
members that the Chambers
County School System was
the 2nd largest employer
in Chambers County. The
school district employees
275 certified staff along
with 190 support staff. She
also was pleased that the
graduation rate had gone
up significantly since her
tenure from 76% to 86.4%.
Next, Mrs. Hodge was
excited to announce for the
first time to the public, the
most comprehensive assess-
ment of public education in
the history of the Chambers
County School District is
being launched to gather
public input on the future
direction of the system.
“We believe the time has
come to closely examine
where we currently stand
and determine what avenues
we should take to give our
children the best oppor-
tunities to be successful
in a global society,” said
Chambers County School
Superintendent Dr. Kelli
Hodge. “As a major part of
this effort, we are asking
every citizen in the county
to express their opinion
regarding the future of our
Among the proposals for
discussion will be school
safety, technology, and
capital improvements. A
facilities assessment is cur-
rently underway to deter-
mine the present condition
of all existing facilities,
which will include cost
estimates for any repairs or
“While I am cognizant
of the history and rivalry
factors that have dominated
our past, I believe the most
important issue moving
forward is the best interest
of our children. It is our re-
sponsibility to provide them
the highest quality educa-
tion possible, and we need
maximum input to bring
future plans to fruition,”
said Hodge.
The Chambers County
Board of Education has
hired the project manage-
ment firm of HPM, with
Alabama offices in Bir

mingham, Auburn, and
Mobile, to spearhead the
collection of data and pub-
lic input. The company has,
in turn, subcontracted cer-tain aspects of the project to
other entities.
For example, Pitts Me-
dia, of Birmingham, has
produced a special video
featuring community lead-
ers, educators, and even
local students that can soon
be viewed on the school
system’s website at www.
chambersk12.org. Another
group known as Coopera-
tive Strategies will compile
online surveys for citizens
to express their opinions,
after which HPM will
conduct public forums to
encourage in-depth discus-
In addition, HPM will
study the current and
projected demographics
of Chambers County over
the coming decade to be
included in the final data.
“This is, by far, the most
important issue impacting
our community in terms of
how we shape our economy,
growth, and quality of life
for years to come. That’s
why we need total par-
ticipation from everyone,”
Hodge added.
The video and online
survey should be ready for
public view within the next
two weeks.