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Humor – Busted

By Bill Frazer

There is no such word as BUSTED in the dictionary. However every redneck and most others know the varied meaning of the word.

To the law breakers, BUSTED means that the cops got you. To the general public it probably means that the item, event, or thing is broken beyond repair. To us paupers, it means we are out of money.

The word BUSTED came to mind reference Hillary Clinton, former first lady and Senator and Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for President. I cannot judge whether her charitable organization, the Clinton Foundation, violated lawful conduct. But it is pretty obvious that the ethics of the highly respected lady are questionable, if not illegal. The fact that she destroyed emails on purpose and yet was cleared of any allegations certainly “runs up a red flag.”

The term BUSTED is also a measure of a person’s pride or class. Do you know anyone who has done anything that he is not ashamed of? Look at some of the highly esteemed leaders such as General Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton. All of these individuals, supposedly people of class, have violated ethical standards by violating sexual morality codes and got BUSTED. Nobody is perfect!

BUSTED comes to mind regarding events of which I got caught in the act. A while back, during the TV commercials, I went out in the back yard to relieve myself. I did not look around to see if there was an audience, but the lady next door was sitting in the yard watching the proceedings. I thought that I was conserving water as it take three gallons to flush and I was watering the grass. The only difference is, since then, I take the time to check to be sure that there is not an audience. I try to sneak out of the house for the relief, but I am sure that the BOSS knows what is going on.

Up to this year, I have been licensed as a Certified General Appraiser for 21 years. Since I have a degree in Forest Management, I try to specialize in woodland appraisal. But in appraising the rural tracts, there is often a home located on the property that you have to appraise along with other improvements. This requires access to the interior of the house. On several occasions I have gone into a room unannounced and the lady of the house was not prepared for company. In other words, they were BUSTED, still wearing their pajamas and having no makeup applied.

On the technical end of being BUSTED, it happens in Court every day. One of my sons-in-law is an accident reconstruction engineer, and he has endless tales of people being BUSTED or caught in a lie. The newer models of cars and trucks have computers that record the functions of the car. A defendant goes into Court and says he was only driving 45 mph when the accident happened. The accident investigator then takes the stand and proves that the car computer indicates that the vehicles was going 85 at the time of the accident. I need to keep that in mind when Long Arm of the Law pulls me over.

A year or so ago, a commuter train went around a curve at 105 mph when the speed for the track is posted at a maximum speed of 55 mph and the train derailed. The Engineer on the train was BUSTED, as not only was the train speed recorded, but a camera located on the Engineer recorded his use of controls.

A reader has informed me that I have been BUSTED for deliberately mislabeling the pictures attached to the articles printed. She is right as that was not Rabbit Adams upside down pickup shown in an earlier article. I believe it was James Walter Allen who was driving it at the time.

neck philosophy, I will probably get BUSTED again.