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Humor Lack of Appreciation For Those Who Serve By Bill Frazer


Yesterday as I went into the food market (or is it a grocery store?) to buy some apples, it occurred to me that we consumers have no appreciation for services provided. I was looking to buy apples and I saw that there were 6 varieties and of different sizes on the shelf. How in the world does the produce manager keep the fruit edible? All perishables only last a few days on the shelf. What is more of a mystery to me is how the store manages to keep all kinds of fruits and vegetables fresh. Think about it! Bananas are shipped from Central America. I think our Americans citizens are not appreciative of the services provided by others.

I like the old time country music. Most of the country music stars are recognized by the lead singer whether it be George Jones or Ray Price. Both these guys have great voices, but it is the accompaniment that makes them successful. Except for Merle Hag-gard and Willie Nelson, most country stars would not be a success without a super talented band. Nobody gives credit to the band because often the band has more talent than the country stars as most of the stars only play chords.

There are a lot of services that our citizens fail to appreciate. Last week I happened to be in the yard when the garbage (political term is sanitation?) truck came by. I watched as the guy hanging on the back would roll cans from both sides of the street. He positioned the can under a lift that pulled the can and dumped it into the interior of the truck body. Now–1. He has to probably handle a 1,000 cans a week. 2. It is a dangerous job on a busy street as one lane is blocked and the traffic has to go around him as he crosses the street. 3. I would bet that that he is not getting paid $15 per hour. There are so many jobs such as this that the public takes for granted.On last night’s news, truckers across the nation were protesting regulations put in place by governmental agencies. Truckers are fussed at for running the speed limit while impeding those who wish to “take off like Moody’s Goose.” Drivers in the cities complain how slow a truck builds up speed after stopping for a red light.

It is difficult for a trucker to find a place to park when the driver stops for food or use of the facilities. In my view, interstate truck drivers earn every dollar they are paid as everything we purchase is delivered by truck. It is a fact that driving a truck is a health risk. Sitting in the driver’s seat of a semi driving long distances is bad for circulation and joint de-cay. It is difficult as well to comply with all the rules as every state has different standards. As we go through the country, you will note that there are signs posted recruiting drivers. And not everyone can pass the driver’s test to obtain a CDL (commercial driver’s license). And truckers are required to pass an annual physi-cal in order to retain their licenses.

Also this lack of appreciation for services that we take for granted applies to those working shifts. They are your policemen/women, hospital workers such as nurses and EMTs, and factory workers. It requires continually adjusting your sleep patterns which takes some time to do. Also, most every event, whether parties, church functions or the kids’ ball games occur while one is working the second shift which generally is 4 p.m. to midnight. The same is true for truck drivers as some times in high traffic areas, they only drive when there is less traffic. I feel that these people and our servicemen and servicewomen are what makes AMERICA GREAT!One would have to agree that is better to be “shifting” rather than “shift-less.” God Bless America!