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Humor So Many Whys By Bill FrazerHumor So Many Whys By Bill Fraze


If I say, “Hope you
have a blast this 4th of
July!” no one is going
to take offense, jump on
Twitter and start label-
ling me as a paramilitary,
alt-right, militia member
who is a threat to soci-
ety. (I least I hope they
don’t. Hard to be sure
of anything these days.)
Funny how this expres-
sion means having a good
time. Maybe it evolved
from the fun and excite-
ment one enjoys while
watching a fireworks
Speaking of the 4th
of July, do you know the
occasion? The Declara-
tion of Independence was
signed on July 4, 1776.
Do you know where it
was signed? And which
city? It was signed in
the Pennsylvania State
House which later became
Liberty Hall in the city of
And all this infatua-
tion with fireworks on
Independence Day has
me thinking of all the
activities that we pursue
that really have no logical
explanation. The older I
get, the more I question why we do some fairly
irrational things.
Why do we buy gallons
of bottled water when
scientists tell us that the
water out of the tap is
probably purer than the
commercially packaged
water? I think that I will
post that on the refrigera-
tor so that my wife can see
Why do you press
harder on the remote when
you know the battery is
dead? Don’t tell me that
you haven’t done that.
Why does the doc-
tor leave the room while
the patient undresses but comes back into the room
and thoroughly examines
all the body parts anyway?
Why do tourists pay to
elevate to the top of tall
buildings like the Empire
State Building so that the
visitor can look at the
Why is round pizza dis-
patched in square boxes?
I would think that they
make round boxes.
Why would you call
animal control and incur
expense if you had an alli-
gator in your home pond?
One shot between the
eyes with a long barrel 22
and you can tan his hide.
Why, still referring to crit-
ters such as the alligator,
would the animal control
people relocate a pest such
as a skunk? Buzzards
need to eat too.
Why do people who
exercise frequently at the
gym buy a riding power
mower when pushing the
lawn mower would pro-
vide the exercise needed?
Why do we build green
golf courses in the desert
when the water supply
is insufficient to meet
the personal needs of the
And back to the 4th of
July. We pay $20 for a
pack of firecrackers and
risk losing our hand trying
to light them. They go off
and you hold your ears
as they explode. Are we
really getting that excited
over the sound of them?
Admittedly, professional
firework shows (especially
those accompanied by
music) are a visual and
auditory delight that do
incite awe and wonder. So
hope you “have a blast”
in the figurative sense this