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Humor: Thanksgiving


In mulling over the description of the holiday event, it seems to me that GIVINGTHANKS would be more applicable. The idea is to give thanks for the BLESSINGS that you have received. We have kind of gotten away from the original premise that GOD is the true giver.

I went down to the local tire store last Friday to check why my dash board was indicating a low tire. It was pouring down rain, but the owner came out to check on my problem. After he moved the truck inside, I sat and watched the technicians change out tires and replace worn out brake shoes. It came to me that we are not really THANKFUL for the services we receive. There is no option in the job but to carry out a task that is not only technical, but simply hard work.

After getting my tire patched, I ambled over to the grocery store to buy some bananas. I noticed that the produce manager had a cart full of bananas that were turning black and were on sale. I thought GEE WHIZ, how much produce is lost each day due to over-ripening or spoilage? There are over 5 brands of apples on display. Consider the other perishables such as potatoes, greens, melons, broccoli, bell pepper and the list goes on and on. How does the produce manager manage to keep all the several dozen varieties of fresh produce edible? Hats Off To him or her!

Then I headed down the fast food alley in Valley to get myself and wife a burger with fries. I ordered via the drive-through and went up to the first window and paid. By the time I got to the pickup window my order was ready. How can they do that? We never think about the labor and supervision required. My drive-through order was simple, but they offer a large menu of items that can be served within minutes. The workers in this kind of service receive minimum wage or less and work terrible hours. We never seem to be appreciative of this service and it is the season to express thanks for their service.

The same sense of GIVINGTHANKS is due to our police officers. As I left the house this morning, there were a dozen or so inmates that were working to perform services for the city. There was one uniformed officer overseeing the work and he was helping them by running the weed eater. As I head to my office (not to work) I thought back of how is this service handled? There does not seem to be a portable potty with them. What about meals while away from their cells? It appears that the inmate could easily slip behind a roadside ditch and escape.

On the topic of police officers, have you ever seen a happy law violator when the police write a ticket? Or when one lane is blocked on the interstate while the officers try to clear the road? When you think about it, part of their shifts require being on the job throughout the night. I am never happy about getting a ticket for speeding, but the Officer is doing his/her job to keep us all safe. Again, we should be giving GIVINGTHANKS to our officers. It is a job fraught with danger and discontent but not a job where you can get rich.

Meanwhile, I can cash my Social Security and feel that all of my needs are met. I know that I owe THANKS to fellow citizens and the CREATOR who made the world.