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In Defense of Rep. Bridges


Dear Editor,

This letter is from Howard Kitchens in regard to the unjust criticism directed to DuWayne Bridges.

My first meeting with DuWayne was when he and I presented a letter of appreciation to the late Eugene Robertson.  Eugene was the first Marine division on Guadalcanal during World War II.  Without Mr. Bridges’ help, this award would not have been possible.

My next contact was a telephone conversation regarding Gene Davis, a four-year Navy veteran.  Mr. Davis served 20 years with the Air Force S.A.C. Unit and received 11 Battle Stars during his service.  Mr. Bridges was able to help Mr. Davis with his admission to the Bill Nicholas Home for Veterans in Alexander City, Alabama.  At this time, Mr.  Bridges is also helping Dolphus McGhee, a Navy Veteran from Montgomery, gain admission to the Bill Nicholas home.

DuWayne is himself a veteran of the war in Vietnam.  He has great respect for all those who have served in the Armed Forces.

DuWayne has served his state and county with pride and dignity.  He does not deserve the “damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t” attitude some people have toward him.

I have voted in my lifetime as a Republican and as a Democrat.  Now I vote for the man.

If this letter written by Howard H. Kitchens offends you, “so be it”!  A rebuttal is welcome but put it in writing and not frivolous talk.


Howard H. Kitchens