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In Defense Of The Old, White Male Mikes Musings


“Oh man it’s kind of
sick how much joy I get
out of being cruel to old
white men.”
This said by one of the
new heroes of the alt-left
movement, Sarah Jeong,
writer for the New York
Times, who has written
several pieces and tweets
often about her hate of old
white men.
I suppose it could have
been said by any number
of people including my
niece who view old white
males as “enemy number
But wait a minute I am
an old white male, and I
take exception. Like so
many of my age and gen-
der, I’m not blindly being
pulled by the Trump train
nor do I have an animos-
ity to those that might
have a different viewpoint
than I.
I believe the me-
dian age of lawmakers is
considerably higher than
it should be, and gender
numbers are out of whack
as well. Ditto minorities. I
believe senators that reach
the age of 80- ala Chuck
Grassley and Richard
Shelby ought to retire
gracefully. But I also
believe so should female
senators like Dianne
Feinstein, who is only a
few months younger than Grassley at 86.
However, I’m grow-
ing tired of the alt-left
getting their kicks at the
expense of old, sometimes
angry, white males. I’m
tired because I’m one of
them, and I don’t think it
is fair to categorize us all
under one umbrella. Just
like any other segment
of the population, old
white males are made up
of more than those that
might sit in their recliner
and watch Fox News all
day long.
In doing research for
this column I was fasci-
nated by statistics that
show the middle-aged and
older white males have
suicide rates higher than
all other age categories
and in recent years that
suicide rate has spiked
My guess that has more
to do with health issues,
but a lack of self- worth,
brought on by male bash-
ing has to account for a
good number of these sui-
cides. And guess what, it’s
not gonna get any better if
you listen to the rhetoric
and hatred spewed at us.
In many ways, it’s
simply women turning the
tables on us. Back before
many of us were born,
including me, women
weren’t allowed out of the kitchen. They held very
few professional posi-
tions and certainly weren’t
thought of as viable politi-
cal candidates.
So maybe we have it
coming. Maybe it is time
to take our medicine and
lie in the corner cowering
as the next feminist beats
us down.
I will point out how-
ever, that was then, and
this is now. Many old
white males are enlight-
ened. They understand the
changing social, economic
and political climates, and
agree that women and mi-
norities have a great deal
to contribute to this world.
I would humbly suggest
that you stop picking on
us. Old white men are
often good husbands and
great fathers and grand-
fathers. We, for the most
part are neither child mo-
lesters or sexual assaulters
or mass murderers. Yes
we are human and are
prone to making mistakes,
but let’s face it, who isn’t?