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Innovative system used for county schools career planning


By Alton Mitchell

It’s never too early to start planning for the future and the Chambers County School System is using an innovative way to allow Middle and High Schoolers a unique way to prepare for the career of their choice. Chambers County Schools are using a unique and innovate system called The Alabama Career Planning System.

The system uses a unique strategy compiled of several assessments that focus on interest, skills, and values of students. Upon completion of the assessment the system gives a more in-depth look at the potential career. Students are given info on topics such as if college is required, apprenticeships, and other needed training according to Tammy Hughley a Career Development Counselor at Chambers County Career Technical Center.

The system in place was purchased over three years ago by the Alabama State Department of Education for every student in the state of Alabama in the grades between 6 and 12. When Chambers County Students reach the 8th grade they create an educational plan. The track of which courses students are taking is trackable through the student’s accounts. Parents and the student can track progress through that account. In addition to showing which classes have already been taken it also shows which classes the student may like to take in the coming years. “The special education teachers in Chambers County have found it to be a very valuable tool,” stated Mrs. Hughley.

Students are required to take a career preparedness class. The Alabama Career Planning System is embedded into that class which is a required elective for Chambers County students. The curriculum for that course should ensure that ach student in the Chambers County Schools System is introduced to the Alabama Career Planning System.

Staff members are taking steps to assist students with the program. Mrs. Hughley has begun going into Chambers County middle and high schools to assist students with the assessments and education plans. Mrs. Anglin who is a Career Coach is assisting counselors and teachers with getting these activities completed.