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Ivey honored for assisting fellow officer

Ivey honored for assisting fellow officer


By Alton Mitchell

Sheriff Sid Lockhart and Major Thomas Sims were on hand at the Chambers County Courthouse on Monday evening to recognize the accomplishments and heroic efforts of a Chambers County correctional officer.

Officer Thomas Ivey has worked as a correctional officer at the Chambers County Detention Facility in

LaFayette. Ivey was first recognized by Sheriff Lockhart for his recent accomplishments in completing 80-hours of course work at the Alabama Jail Academy. Sheriff Lockhart presented Officer Ivey with an award showing his accomplishment.

Officer Thomas Ivey

Major Thomas Sims next presented Officer Thomas Ivey with a second award. This award was in recognition of heroic actions performed on the job by Officer Ivey last month. According to information provided by Major Sims, Officer Ivey was able to assist another deputy in danger last month and help to subdue a dangerous suspect.

Major Sims states that on February 2, 2018 Officer Ivey was working at the detention facility when an inmate with PTSD and mental issues was able to overpower a fellow correctional officer at the facility and obtain the officers taser.

Seeing his fellow officer in danger Officer Ivey rushed to the aid of that officer and was able to take down the inmate and gain control of the taser taken during the incident. The heroic efforts of that day were recognized in a plaque presented by Major Sims to Officer Ivey.