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JPP Middle School awarded $5k


The Lowe’s Charitable
and Education Foundation
has chosen John P. Powell
Middle School in LaFay-
ette as the recipient of its
2018 Toolbox for Educa-
tion grant. The amount
of the cash award totals
“We will use these
funds to build an outdoor
classroom to stimulate in-
terest in math and science
by connecting with na-
ture,” said Principal Daron
Brooks. “We are grateful
to the Lowe’s foundation
for allowing us to estab-
lish this new educational
In announcing the grant
award, Colleen Penhall,
Community Relations Di-
rector for PTO Today, the
organization facilitating
the grant, thanked Brooks
for submitting his applica-
tion, saying, “We applaud
your dedication to improv-
ing your school. We wish
you much success and
look forward to hearing
about your progress.”
The Toolbox for Educa-
tion grants are reserved
for approved school
improvement projects
that can be completed
within one year of grant
receipt. To date, the
Lowe’s Charitable and
Education Foundation has
helped more than 8,000
schools across the country
create reading gardens,
build playgrounds and
implement other improve-
ment projects that help
strengthen schools and
“With limited funds
available each year to
operate all aspects of
our school district, I
encourage our principals,
teachers, and administra-
tors to take advantage of
every grant opportunity
they possibly can,” said
Chambers County School
Superintendent Dr. Kelli
Hodge. “Our students
continue to benefit from
those efforts.”