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Keep Smilin – this week  Trenton Golden

Keep Smilin – this week Trenton Golden

A7 Trenton
Trenton juggling.

By Charlotte Blasingame

A7 Trenton #2
Trenton Golden

Trenton Golden born July 4, 2000 in Opelika, is one of three children of Neita and Steve Golden of LaFayette.

The 11th grader is homeschooled through Ballard Christian School of Auburn. In his family he has always been known as a firecracker, appropriately so, always waving the flag at his home and having his birthday considered an All American Birthday Party celebration every year!

He has always been full of energy and has become involved with everything from theatre, music to being a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do to now performing juggling and magic tricks states his Mother Neita. The interesting thing is he started teaching himself things almost five years ago and today he now has what some would call an opportunity of a lifetime.

Being the 3rd child or baby of the family, if I may call him that, he was the center of attention, especially with his siblings. Always liking the ” entertaining” side of life,  his sister would dress him up in dance clothes as a toddler and his brother coaxed him into singing and acting. Trenton just returned from a week long adventure with Circus Smirkus in Greensboro, Vermont. What fun for an 11th grader! This camp trains professional performers who go on to work with such companies as Ringling Brothers Circus, Barnum Bailey Circus and Cirque Du So Lel. After attending this camp, the Head Coordinator invited him to return to Vermont to train and go on tour with The Big Top Circus Tour which, performs all over New England including New York City. Prior to Circus Smirkus, Trenton was invited to attend The Florida State University Flying High Circus Camp where he had previously attended last year training with the Florida State Circus Team.

Many had the pleasure of seeing Trenton in action July 4th at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Marcoot. It is obvious he is enjoying juggling, clowning, plate spinning, Rola – Bola, trapeze and cardistry. One thing the audience noticed is he seems to really enjoy extremely dangerous stunts including juggling knives blindfolded and juggling fire.

Locally Trenton has performed at Relay For Life, several school events, church functions, birthday parties, family reunions, fairs and festivals, community theaters and is very active in the church he attends LaFayette Heights Baptist where he is the drummer and a member of the Praise Team.
He is the Grandson of Harold and Dianne Kendrick of LaFayette  who are also known as two of his biggest fans.

Trenton always likes to leave a few words of advice to people he meets ” Take it easy! If it ain’t easy, don’t take it”!