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LaFayette Council accepts bid for substation repairs


LaFayette’s City Council met briefly on Monday night, and despite a citywide power outage that left City Hall in the dark, they still handled a few items of business.

Ironically, one of the council’s agenda items was to approve a bid to repair substation No. 1. A previous agreement with the company Southwestern to repair the substation had been voided due to a misunderstanding, forcing the city to put the work out to bid again. On Monday, the council voted unanimously to award the bid to Floyd Service Company out of Auburn. Their low bid was in the amount of $54,255.

In referring to the power outage at the time, Mayor Barry Moody said that a “loud pop” was heard near the city’s utility office immediately prior to the outage and that city crews were working on the problem. Midway through the meeting, City Clerk Louis T. Davidson informed the council that the problem was tracked to the substation next to the LaFayette High football field. Approximately five minutes before  the meeting ended, the power was restored.

The council approved a resolution at the meeting authorizing the mayor to enter into a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) engineering contract with Harmon Engineering. The amount of the contract is $83,265 and includes a stipulation that if the grant is not awarded to the city, then the contract amount will be reduced to reflect the changes.

The council also approved a resolution to renew a contract with RDS that allows the company to handle the city’s business license discovery efforts. In comments from council members, Councilwoman Tammie Williams said that she believes that the council’s efforts to address the dog issue in the city are finally starting to make a difference. She said that Police Chief Kenny Vines had been bitten by a dog last week while he attempted to catch the animal. “We are serious about enforcing the dog ordinance,” she said.

The council agreed to pay bills in the amount of $350,788.92 before entering into executive session to discuss the good name and character of an employee. No action was taken after the session and the meeting was adjourned.