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LaFayette Council creates Downtown Square committee


By Alton Mitchell

On Monday Evening the LaFayette City Council met at City Hall. Before adjourning from its bi-weekly meeting council members would create a new committee that is focused on bringing new life and appearance to downtown LaFayette.

In a time when LaFayette is going through a massive revitalization project to include a massive streetscape project near the County Courthouse and construction and revamping of a new building that will serve as LaFayette’s new home to city offices city leaders are looking for ways to improve life downtown even further in the future.

LaFayette leaders created a new committee known as the Downtown Square Committee on Monday Evening. This new committee will be a committee that will make recommendations for improvements to downtown LaFayette. The improvement recommendations will includes items such as infrastructure improvements, building recommendations, and generally any item that could breathe new life into downtown LaFayette.

Mayor Moody and council members selected Councilman Matthew Hurst as chairman of the committee. Councilman Hurst presently serves as the council member for District B. Mayor Moody stated he was a natural for the committee chair because he has shown a strong interest in improving downtown LaFayette.

Serving on the committee alongside Councilman Hurst will be two fellow council members. On Monday Evening Councilman Toney B. Thomas who serves District C was selected as a committee member. Also serving on the committee will be District D councilman, Michael C. Ellis.

The new committee will only have the power to make recommendation on improving downtown LaFayette and will not have any voting power. The three men will assume their roles on the new committe