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LaFayette council hopes to get more youth involved


By Alton Mitchell

The days are getting longer and the sun shines a little bit brighter for just a bit longer each day in LaFayette. While some would argue this is due to daylight savings time, others will say things seem a little brighter in LaFayette because bright things are on the horizon in LaFayette and thanks to the efforts of the Mayor-City Council those are becoming a reality. At Monday evenings city council meeting several topics were discussed that are going to have a lasting effect on LaFayette.

Daylight savings time over the past weekend has made the sun stay up just a little longer and the city council took full advantage of that on Monday as council members embarked on one of the longest meetings recently. The meeting lasting for nearly an hour and touched on present issues and upcoming issues facing.

As the meeting opened great news was announced as a proclamation was granted making April 4th-9th LaFayette day with Valley Haven School. The council voted to approve the proclamation as Mr. Chris Busby announced that big things are in store for this year’s LaFayette day which will be held on April 9th. Mr. Busby highlighted events such as live music, antique car show, motorcycle rides, and much more is in store for this year’s event. On April 9th the event will start at 8:30 a.m. Central time.

While looking ahead the City Council also took a look back in time at a previously tabled issue as council opened up discussion on the transfer of an off premises retail beer and off premises retail wine license to Hari Krishna and the potential sale of LaFayette’s West Side Grocery store. The issue of transferring the license had been previously tabled while records were reviewed and tax records pertaining to the business were updated.

The items in question in relation to outstanding sales tax having been satisfied LaFayette City Council voted to allow the transfer of the license pending approval of a business license for previous owner and the future owner.

Before closing the meeting the LaFayette city council decided to look into opening up a new position within the city that will assist in the creation of an oversight of local youth recreation. Councilman Michael Ellis brought up the issue about a lack of youth involvement in recreational activities such as little league. Councilman Ellis discussed his disappointment with LaFayette youth not participating in the Dixie Youth league this season. Council will look into options for getting more oversight into youth athletic programs such as youth football and little league, and possibly even starting a city league.

Before closing the meeting Councilwoman Tammie Williams was proud to announce and display a flag that was awarded to the city from the National League of Cities. The flag was a symbol to show the hard work that LaFayette has put forth in the let’s move national campaign. Councilwoman Williams announced that the flag will be displayed at the community garden.

The LaFayette city council usually meets on a bi-weekly basis, but the meeting scheduled for March 28th was cancelled due to it falling on a city holiday as Easter will be recognized on that day. Council will meet again on April 11th , but it was decided at the meeting that if should business arise a early meeting will be called.