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LaFayette selects Rampey as police chief

Members of the LaFayette
Police Committee have spo-
ken and named a new chief
of police in LaFayette. After
weighing the fi nalist for the
position committee members
made the choice to go with a
well-known member of the
LaFayette law enforcement
community, and a veteran
to Chambers County law
The LaFayette Po-
lice Committee has been
interviewing perspective
candidates for the position
of police chief over the past
several weeks. The inter-
views followed the recent
announcement by former
Chief Ben Hill to begin his
retirement after decades in
area law enforcement. Hill
started his retirement in late
As the position sat vacant
in LaFayette for the past
few weeks, members of
LaFayette city council voted
to make Captain George
Rampey the interim police
chief until Hill’s successor
could be located. That search
ended in the place where it
started. On Wednesday, at
a special called city council
meeting Captain Rampey
was promoted to permanent
police chief in LaFayette.
Rampey is no stranger to
police work or the LaFayette
community. Rampey brings
more than two decades of
law enforcement experience
to the position of leading
LaFayette’s law enforce-
ment force. Having started
his career as a correctional
offi cer with the Chambers
County Sheriff’s Department
25-years ago and wearing
hats for various roles before
earning the top position in
LaFayette’s Police Depart-
Over the past several
years Rampey has earned
various promotions internally
in the police department
gaining more experience in
administrative and leadership
roles. He was fi rst promoted
from the position of Sergeant
to Lieutenant on May 28,
2015. However, Rampey
only remained a Lieutenant
for a short period of years in
February of 2018 Rampey
was promoted to the position
of Captain. Rampey has also
been a key fi gure in LaFay-
ette’s annual Youth Police
Only three months later,
Captain Rampey has now
gained the title of Chief
Rampey. He will offi cially
be sworn into the position of
police chief for the city of
LaFayette on June 11th.