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LaFayette streetscape nears  completion

LaFayette streetscape nears completion


New handrails in downtown streetscape project
By Alton Mitchell

Construction workers have been hard at work over the past several months in downtown LaFayette. Workers have been moving dirt, pouring concrete, and laying bricks in what is one of the largest streetscapes in recent history in LaFayette. As the work is beginning to wind down LaFayette’s city council received an update on the status of the project Monday night.

Mr. Allen Tucker addressed LaFayette’s city council and advised that a lot of the work is wrapping up. Mr. Tucker explained that all the concrete work is done on the project as well as the short brick sidewalk work is done as well.

Mr. Tucker advised that crews have finished up the major bulk of the work, however the handrails going into the downtown area are only about a third of the way complete. Mr. Tucker explained that this portion of the work will take a bit longer because they are custom made. This part of the project may take another week or two to complete.

Another portion of the project that is not yet complete is the asphalt patching. Tucker explains that this should be going into the works within the next week. “The major bulk of the work is done,” explained Tucker.

“There are a lot of positive comments about the project, and the ones doing the work have done a great job,” explained Mayor Barry Moody. The comments of Mayor Moody were only reinforced more by Councilman Matthew Hurst. “Take a chance to walk the whole square,” explained Hurst. Councilman Hurst explained more details about the unique elements that level of work that has gone into the project. Councilman Hurst expressed his interest in some of the brickwork on the square where the original bricks were taken up can cleaned to be restored to their original state. “Downtown is drastically improving, go out and enjoy it,” recommended Hurst.