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LaFayette water alert lifted


Residents in LaFayette
were urged to boil their
water last week. The boil
water advisory stayed in
place for several days but
has now been lifted. In the
aftermath of the advisory
crews have determined
what the problem was
and have began efforts to
remedy the problem from
occurring again.
According to Richard
Chapman, of LaFayette
Water and Sewer the
advisory was issued
after a valve ruptured
on a non-working fire
hydrant. That resulted in
a loss of pressure in the
water system. The city
issued the precautionary
advisory due to the fact
that inadequately treated
water can carry organisms
such as bacteria or other
organisms that can impact
the health of those who
consume it.
According to Chapman
a fire hydrant located on
County Road 48 near the
water plant was discov-
ered to not be working.
Crews were working on
the fire hydrant when the
valve blew and caused
the loss of water pres-
sure in the system. Crews
were seeking to repair the
non-operable fire hydrant
in-case a fire broke out
and the fire department
needed a water supply in
the area.
Officials with LaFay

ette Water and Sewer will
begin a systemwide flush
of all 246 hydrants in the
city starting on Tuesday
June 26, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.
Chapman warns that there
may be some discolored
water during the flush

ing, but work should be
completed in the next 1-2