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Landowners to hear two speakers


We are delighted to have the speakers scheluled to address attendees at the upcoming forestry landowner meeting in LaFayette, Thursday, October 12, in the Farmers Federation Building at 5:30PM.

Dustin Shively, public relations representative for Clenera Solar Energy will address the future of solar energy in East Alabama. Clenera Solar Energy is the owner and developer of the 1100 acre solar energy farm in LaFayette. If you not seen this huge display of solar panels located on the south city limits of LaFayette, you have missed viewing one of the largest solar farm in the southeast. There are larger solar farms in other parts of the country, but not in the Southeast.

Mr. Shively will address the benefits of solar farms to our forestry community and the opportunity to develop more solar farms in our area. Most of the forestry community think that the solar power generated by the LaFayette Solar Farm goes directly to local Walmart stores. This is not the case as the energy generated goes into the Alabama Power Company grid and is distributed all over the county.

Unless local forest landowners have lived in confinement, one can not help but notice the large loss of pine trees which most of us attributed to drought. What did kill all the pine tree in last years growing season? Is it necessary to clearcut large acres around the dead and dying trees. This issue will be addressed by one of the leading researchers in the loss of pine trees for future markets, Dr. Lori Eckhart, Professor at the Auburn School Of Forestry and Wildlife.

As always, a meal of poppyseed chicken, squash casserole along with all the trimmings including dessert and drinks for $4.00. One can’t even buy a large hamburger for that price.

Dodgen Logging has donated a commercial chain saw for the main door prize. ArborGen Super Tree is donating a door prize as well as door prizes donated by local merchants. Richard Conway has consistently made the door prizes, if nothing else, worth the attendance.

As always, we wish to thank Farmers & Merchants Bank and Charter Bank who are the main financial supporters for the meeting.

We are extremely fortunate to have a major speaker for one world’s leader of building solar farms. Believe it are not, Mr. Shively is based in Boise, Idaho. Also, Dr. Eckhart is highly regarded all over the South for her research in the forestry environment as well.