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Lanett lands Tractor Supply for mill site


Lanett Mayor Kyle
McCoy announced a big
economic development
win for the city on Friday.
McCoy revealed that
Tractor Supply Company
would be the first tenant
on the newly acquired and
cleared Lanett Mill site.
Tractor Supply Company
is the largest rural lifestyle
retailer in the United
States, operating over
1,700 stores in 49 states.
A long-time retail
target, recruitment of the
project intensified over
the past several months,
resulting in an agreement
between the Chambers
County Development
Authority, City of Lanett,
and Hix Snedeker Companies
(HSC) to bring
Tractor Supply to the city.
HSC, based in Daphne,
Alabama, will develop the
site for Tractor Supply.
“It’s hard to imagine
that only a few months
ago we made the announcement
about the
purchase of the Lanett
Mill site,” Mayor McCoy
remarked. “At that time,
we had estimated it would

take 10-12 months to
have the property marketable,
but here we are four
months later announcing
a new business in the City
of Lanett.”
“We’re excited about
developing this site for
our tenant Tractor Supply
Company in Lanett,”
HSC Principal Ray Hix
said. “In our decisionmaking
process, we were
impressed with both the
downtown revitalization
and the work at the mill
site. It’s significant to us
and our tenant Tractor
Supply Company to be a
part of the mill revitalization
and the growth coming
to Lanett.”
The Lanett Tractor
Supply will be located
at the intersection of
South Gilmer Avenue
and South 10th Street on
the Lanett Mill site. The
proposed store layout
includes a 19,097 square
foot physical structure,
with 15,000 square feet
of fenced outdoor display,
and over 6,000 square
feet of sidewalk display
area. Construction is set to
begin quickly.
“This would not have
been possible without the
hard work and dedication
by so many people,”
McCoy added. “I want
to thank the City Council
members for their continued
support and focus
on keeping our promises
to the citizens of Lanett
to clean up this property.
Much appreciation
goes to Chris Busby of the
CCDA and Tony Chandler
of the city who daily have
been in correspondence
with the developers to get
the deal done and for their
professionalism in representing
our city. Thanks
also to Jason Abernathy
and his entire crew at the
Cemetery Department
who have done a remarkable
job in such a short period
of time of taking what
was once an eyesore in
our city and turning it into
one of the most desirable
locations in our county.”
The Chambers County
Development Authority
in partnership with the
City of Lanett and Alabama
Municipal Electric
Authority purchased the
23-acre Lanett Mill site
in April of this year. City
crews began clean-up of
the long-neglected site
almost immediately after
the CCDA took control.
The CCDA and city have
worked together on planning
for the site, and the
Tractor Supply project
is an important first step
in development going
Founded in 1938 as a
mail order tractor parts
business, Tractor Supply
Company has grown
into one of the country’s
largest retailers, supplying
basic maintenance products
to home, land, pet and
animal owners. Catering
to a market of farmers,
horse owners, ranchers,
part-time and hobby
farmers, and suburban
and rural homeowners,
as well as contractors and
tradesmen, the company
prides itself on focusing
on product localization,
exclusive brands and legendary
customer service
that addresses the needs of
the Out Here lifestyle