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Lanett launches new upgraded website


In an effort to enhance its presence locally, regionally and globally, the City of Lanett officially launched a new upgraded website. The new cutting edge site has been in the works for some time, and its completion is an exciting achievement in what has been a year of extraordinary growth in the city.
Like many small cities across the southeast, Lanett’s web presence had been deficient, and in a time when the internet plays such a prominent role in everyday life, leadership took the initiative to make a change.

“The first place most people go for information is the internet, and we wanted our footprint there to be first class,” said Mayor Kyle McCoy. “I think we’ve achieved that with our new website, it’s a big accomplishment and one that we can all be proud of.”

Utilizing grant funds from AMEA, the city enlisted the help of Red Sage Communications to begin the process. A committee composed of Mayor McCoy, Councilwoman Shirley B. Motley, City Clerk Deborah Gilbert and the CCDA’s Chris Busby would work for months developing the website content, layout, and features

“As we move the City of Lanett forward, it’s imperative that we have a presence online that gives our residents and businesses the information and services they want and need, while also promoting our community to visitors and potential new residents and businesses,” Mayor McCoy says. “Our new website does just that. It’s a new and exciting way to interact with our citizens and those outside of Lanett, and is an invaluable resource that we have at our disposal more.
You can visit the website at www.cityoflanett.com.