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Lanett Police Chief suspended


Lanett Police Chief
Angela Spates was placed
on paid administrative
leave last week until fur-
ther notice according to a
statement from the city of
Lanett. The circumstances
surrounding the leave
are not being released at
this time, but officials in
Lanett city government
confirm the leave is not
the result of any criminal
Chief Angela Spates
became Lanett’s first fe

male police chief in 2012.
Having served more than
25-years in law enforce-
ment, many of those in
Lanett where she joined
the force in 1998. Spates
quickly moved up in the
ranks from her start as
a patrol officer in 1998.
Shortly after she moved
into criminal investiga-
tions where she spent
more than twelve years.
Spates also has worked
for the Chambers County
Sheriff’s Office and The
United States Customs
Agency. She moved into
the position of Chief of
Police in Lanett in 2012
to replace Ronnie Dollar
who retired after just one
year on the job.
According to informa-
tion from Lanett Mayor
Kyle McCoy the admin-
istrative leave of Chief
Spates is the result of
“being a matter concern-
ing personnel.” City lead-
ers have announced that
Spates will also remain
on administrative leave
pending further action by
the Lanett City Council.
The Lanett City Council
is scheduled to hold its
next regular meeting on
May 7th, 2018. There is
no official word if the
circumstances of Chief
Spates will be discussed at
that meeting.
During the period of
the leave Major Johnny
Wood of the Lanett Police
Department will step up to
assume the role of acting
police chief until further
notice. Mayor McCoy and
members of the Lanett
City Government have
remained quiet on the cir-
cumstances that surround
the administrative leave