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Lanett Police Chief warns of IRS, utilities phone scams


By Alton Mitchell

The Lanett Police Department is advising local citizens of a phone scam that has been reported across the area over the past few weeks. The scam is one which creates a threat to financially stability of utility subscribers in the area and goes against the policies of past due debt collection of Lanett’s City Utilities.

According to a release from the Lanett Police Department and Chief Angie Spates, the department has received several calls from citizens over the past few weeks inquiring about a person calling stating they are from the Internal Revenue Service and with the city of Lanett Utilities. The caller then claims that the person owes money for taxes or are past due on their electrical bill. The caller then instructs the customer to buy a “Green Dot” card for a specific amount of money and send it to the caller or they will face arrest, or for defaulted electrical bills they will be arrested.

The Lanett Police Department states that these are phone scams and not persons affiliated with the IRS or City of Lanett. Lanett Police advise that at no time will the city of Lanett call about a past due bill. If you have questions about your bill the department requests that you go to Lanett City Hall and speak with a customer service representative. Lanett Police also advise that the IRS will usually notify you via mail if there is a problem with your taxes.

Police also are reminding citizens to never give out personal information over the phone. If you do receive one of these calls police ask that you hang up, and if possible come to Lanett City Hall to speak with a representative Police advise that you should never give out information over the phone or send money. Residents across Chambers County and the region should be alert of the scam as it may become present in other areas.