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Legislative Fiscal Office requesting travel expenses


Alabama’s Legislative Fiscal Office has requested information on travel expenses for the past four years from the Chambers County Commission.

Norris Green, legislative fiscal officer, said the request was routine and consistent with LFO procedures.  His letter to the county commission also asks for reports on tobacco tax collections and information on cost of living raises for county court employees.

Green said he could not disclose who requested the information, although the legislator or legislators involved  could certainly make that disclosure themselves.

County Manager John Dendy, who served in a similar capacity in Lee County for many years, said he could not recall the LFO ever asking for travel expense information on county commission members.

Dendy said he didn’t understand the request of cost-of-living increases for court employees, because those salaries aren’t paid by the county.

The LFO is a nonpartisan office established to provide independent, accurate and objective information to members of the Alabama House of Representatives and Alabama Senate with respect to historical, current, projected and proposed appropriations, expenditures, taxes and revenue, as well as any other information requested.