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Let’s Back Off The Ugliness


Can’t we all just get
I’ve been a keen watch-
er of political discourse
since I was 10-years-old
and NEVER, I mean
NEVER, have I experi-
enced such a polarized
nation. But beyond the
polarization is the posi-
tions taken by many from
both sides of the aisle that
if you don’t take their side,
you are somehow a traitor.
I see it on social media
all the time. A very con-
servative friend of mine
wrote just yesterday if you
don’t stand with Presi-
dent Trump, you need to
get off of my Facebook
account immediately. I
want nothing to do with
you socialist Democrats.
And then there was the
confrontation I had with a
socialist liberal who said
I’m no friend if I don’t
support the ideals of Ber-
nie Sanders.
Personally I try to
play it down the middle.
I watch a tremendous
amount of Cable TV news
shows- sometime MSNBC
or CNN, and sometimes
Fox News, just to get a fla

vor of what both sides are
saying. I believe everyone
has a right to their opinion,
but I also believe we should agree to disagree.
And with that said,
I’m having a hard time
understanding where
friendships disintegrate
over political disagree-
ments. Twenty or thirty
years ago, we might have
had a disagreement over
abortion or immigration,
but then pat each other
on the back and share a
couple of beers.
Today if we disagree,
one side is a racist or
worse yet a traitor, and
the other side is a social-
ist or commie. There’s no
middle ground anymore.
You either love Trump
or you hate him. A lot of
people blame our lack of
civility on Trump himself,
but if anyone paid atten-
tion to the last presidential
election the nastiness was
a product of both Clinton
and Trump. Actually the
nastiness has been build-
ing for several years.
The issues we face in
today’s world are com-
plex. We need our leaders
to share some middle
ground, to compromise,
not polarize, to make
decisions based on facts,
not emotion. Just as im

portant they need to agree
to disagree, with those
that might see the issue differently than them. The
enemies are Iran, and to
a lesser extent China and
Russia, not each other.
The same can be said
for us common folk. Is
your position on immi-
gration or abortion really
worth destroying friend-
ships? We must understand
that what Donald Trump
or John Brennan say or
tweet is not treasonous,
but simply said or tweeted
to make their point.
We can argue politics or
issues all day long, but in
the end we are all Ameri-
cans. We all live under the
umbrella of the world’s
greatest nation. We have
fought many wars for the
right to say whatever it is
we want to say, to believe
whatever it is we want to
So let’s get off our high
horses and realize there
are two sides to every
story. Your way is not nec-
essarily the only right way,
and once in a while you
are going to be wrong. Pay
attention to what those that
have differing opinions
have to say. Just maybe
once in a while they might
be right.