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Letter from a reader


Dear Editor Wilcox:

Re Steve Flowers’ column of April 5, 2017, it ill behooves Flowers to sneer so callously at the disgraced governor of Alabama by referring to him as “the ole fellow,” who is widely regarded as a “buffoon or clown” and has as much influence as “the former goats that used to graze on Goat Hill.” Flowers cannot keep the glee out of his voice at Bentley’s downfall. I did not vote for Governor Bentley, but I cannot rejoice at anybody’s ruining his marriage and his good name and then rush to get in a few kicks while he’s down. (Steve Flowers is no spring chicken himself. How old is that picture of him that runs with the column?) The tone of Flowers’ writing says much about his own character. I doubt if he is in a position to cast the first stone.
Betty Barrett, former LaFayette resident