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Letter to the Editor


I am a native of LaFayette and lived there until the early 1950s.

Since moving away and the loss of all my family and friends I grew up with, I have subscribed to the LaFayette Sun to “keep in touch”. for many years this could be done through reports from the various communities such as Five Points, Ridge Grove, Cusseta, Fredonia and others. I think these reports were called Personals in days gone by and reported on things that people were doing, who was ill, the events of the community, etc. These articles were written by residents of the communities who stayed in touch with their neighbors. (Mrs. Blasingame now writes an article).

I enjoy articles by Bill Frazer that describes the various communities, people and what growing up in LaFayette was like. Paul Richardson does some of this in addition to his personal opinion articles. What happened to Ann Washburn’s articles? They did a great job describing early life in Ridge Grove and LaFayette. Articles by your current writers are enjoyable but are largely based on their personal lives, activities and opinions.

My intent is not to tell you how to publish a newspaper, just to let you know what one reader likes and thinks.

If others have similar thoughts maybe they could write a Letter to the Editor.
Thanks for listening to me.

Bryan Webb
3485 Annette Street
Trussville, Al. 35173