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Letter to the Editor


Dear Mike:

Hello, as someone who had a father who was in the restaurant business all his life I think I know a fair bit about it also. I am a business owner for the last 25 years, although not in the restaurant business (that was the main thing I learned growing up, that it can be a hard demanding life). I was surprised at a couple of things you said having been in the food service business also. Yes, some places mentioned could have gone to the store and bought potatoes or hotdogs but, I would think the owner/operator could loose his BK franchise for doing such as selling unapproved hamburger. I don’t know about the pizza place but my guess is they are using premade pizza crust or premade dough and maybe sauce also. I would not expect them to go get frozen pizzas from the grocery store. Besides I would expect you to cut them some slack being they just opened Sunday and are in a learning curve and not criticize them in the next column after their grand opening story. I may not sound like it but I really enjoy your paper .

Michael Najjar