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Letter to the Editor – Aliens in America, Now vs. Then


Dear Editor:
I guess I’m having a difficult time with “how things work now” and “how things worked” when I turned 18 years old and received my first “Alien Registration Card”.  I was required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to mail “NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT, December 31st” every year.
My Dad was in the Military in Germany. He married a German woman and they decided to adopt me straight from the hospital. It would have been a matter of filling out certain paperwork BEFORE I turned 18 and I would have had “Dual Citizenship», but for whatever reason, he didn’t do it. I came to the U.S. as an infant in 1960. I didn›t find out I was adopted until I was 13 – WOW! Surprise!

I went to work the summer I graduated from High School and I received my first “W-2 Form” and “Alien Registration Card” (and NOT in that order).  As part of the Naturalization Process, I was required to be fingerprinted by the Police Department and submit a mug shot (which is also on my Naturalization Paper) It took 3 years to get through the Naturalization Process.  I guarantee you that I KNEW MORE ABOUT the United States, Government, Requirements to become President, the names of Alabama’s House Representatives and Senators than ANY of the Opelika High School students I graduated with!

The Daughters of the American Revolution Society provided a book I used to study for my verbal test in Atlanta. I had some difficulty getting an appointment with an Immigration Attorney to administer the test. However, I contacted Former Alabama State Senator, Mr. Ted Little to write a letter on my behalf. I had done everything on my part and was waiting for the final test. It had been a two year wait, until I visited Mr. Little. Two weeks later, I had an appointment in Atlanta and one month later I was sworn in as a Proud, United States American Citizen. There were about 30+ people sworn in that day. We stood, raised our right hand to “Swear Allegiance to the United States of America” and promised to renounce any prior allegiance to the countries we were born in. Keep in mind, there is a huge difference in renouncing your Allegiance to a Country and renouncing your Heritage.  That day, I did NOT become a German-American!  I became a United States American with a German heritage. Granted, I was the only ONE with a REAL SOUTHERN ACCENT as I stood and said, “My name is Rebecca Ann Brown and I was born in Kircheimbolanden, Germany.”

The day I turned 18 years old,  in 1977, I became a “Dreamer”.  For the first time in my life, I realized that I HAD NO RIGHTS, I COULDN’T VOTE, AND I COULDN’T WORK IN ANY CAPACITY OF THE GOVERNMENT.  (That was a strange feeling and a bit scary.)

I set out to carve a path to Citizenship, because I wanted the PRIVILEGE to VOTE in the upcoming Presidential Election for President Ronald Reagan. My point, after having said all of the ABOVE . . . It›s NOT ROCKET SCIENCE to LOCATE “Productive, Desirable, Non-Criminals” and have them Registered.

I’m positive the IRS was in communication with Immigration officials as soon as I started working my first summer job out of High School at the Mall. I wasn’t granted money to go to college.  I attended a Technical School for Business Education, went straight to work after class to pay for school. NOBODY CUT ME ANY SLACK or DONATED SPECIAL FUNDS to finance my education, pay for gas, provide a car or any of the many ‘amenities’ that are automatically given today with taxpayer’s funds. Combined with my Business Certificate, 3 years in High School of Business and Office Education, and receiving an award for “Most Outstanding Business and Office Education Student”, I worked for 35 years as a Secretary and at the END of 35 years, I was making $2 an hour more than ‘Burger Flippers’ (who were fresh out of high school) and sadly, $1 an hour more than a Registered Nurse working in a Doctor’s Office.  Something is terribly wrong with THAT picture!
I’ve been a “faithfully married” Pastor’s wife for the past 35 years, since 1983. In 1981, during my verbal exam, one of the questions was “Have you ever committed Adultery?”  I started laughing and asked, “Are you serious?”  He laughed as well, but said that it was a required question.  I said, “Well, I’m not married, so my answer is No.” I suppose it’s a good thing that today, Citizens, Legal or ill-legal, aren’t deported if they had to answer that question to live in the United States.  I’m pretty sure truthful answers would clear out a lot of land and we would be a whole “New Frontier”.

The IRS KNOWS who the “DESIRABLES” contributing to the United States are and could provide a list of “their W-2” forms.  The  “UN-DESIRABLES” can be found through arrest records and prisons, and the number of deportations could be found at the INS!  Anybody else is a ‘Great Candidate’ for deportation if their name and proper conduct is not on the right list.

So . . . has ANYONE CHECKED TO SEE IF NANCY PELOSI is an AMERICAN CITIZEN? I have a paper that says I am! She has gone on and on and on about these poor immigrant children who were brought here by their parents and “it’s not their fault”.  Well, ‘bless her pitiful heart’ . . . again, THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE!  If the parents are contributing to this country, they need to get registered, just like I did.  If they’re involved in criminal activities, they should be deported.  DHR removes children of American Citizen’s from homes if they are not living in a safe environment.  If the children of illegal immigrants are participating in criminal activities (gangs), then obviously, let them go live with their Mommy and Daddy.   We’re America and we take care of innocents. 
We’re not perfect, but we should strive to do the best we can.

I have been stunned year after year when the government under both Democrats and Republicans have announced the inevitability of a “Shutdown”. Taxpayers send tons of money, demanded by the IRS for our Government to operate.  Yet, year after year more and more craziness comes out in the news about ‘busywork’ that results in money being squandered and wasted. If they don’t show up for work, they should be treated like ALL THE REST OF US. If we didn’t SHOW UP FOR WORK or ‘Threatened Not to Show Up’ . . . In Alabama . . . Employees are “FIRED AT WILL” – they don’t have to have a reason, other than “Just because”.
Hmmmm . . . Promotions anyone? 

I believe with all my heart that the United States of America is still the greatest country in the world and I still pledge my Allegiance to this country.    
Rebecca Powell