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Letters to the editor


Dear Editor:
It was brought to my attention that an article in last week’s LaFayette Sun mentioned my name. Usually that would flatter you, but in this case it was referencing names in context with Rednecks.
After reading this, it really was quite offensive. Relating a person to a name in a vocabulary Mr. Frazer is familiar with to describe that person is ridiculous. And furthermore, to relate that name to his professional ability is wrong.
The lay person who reads this may find humor in the article overall. So be it. But to use a name and profession of a dedicated, hardworking individual is uncalled for.
Mr. Frazer, why don’t you ask before you use a person’s name, and furthermore, the name of an acquaintance of that person as well.
Forty Plus Years of Dedication to the Medical Profession

Dear Editor:

I have enjoyed reading the “Sun” and the many articles. I need some more information from Mr. Richardson and where he got the information about Mr. Fred Rogers. When I repeated his story at the Christmas dinner table, I was challenged by a relative. I went to google but could not support Mr. Richardson’s information about Mr. Rogers being a Navy Seal Sniper or in combat. Thanks for your help.
Nancy L. Taylor