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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:
The 2018 forecast for
Atlantic hurricanes caused
me to think about Hous-
ton, Texas, which experi-
enced disastrous flooding
from Hurricane Harvey in
August, 2017.
According to a study
led by the National Center
for Atmospheric Research
(NCAR), the waters in
the Gulf of Mexico at
that time “were warmer
than any time on record,”
86 degrees Fahrenheit.
Scientists have reported
for years that higher ocean
temperatures lead to more
damaging storms.
Harvey stalled over Hous-
ton, it contained abundant
moisture to dump.
“We show, for the first
time, that the volume
of rain over land corre-
sponds to the amount of
water evaporated from the
unusually warm ocean,”
said lead author Kevin
Trenberth, an NCAR se-
nior scientist. “As climate
change continues to heat
the oceans, we can expect
more supercharged storms
like Harvey.”
NCAR also reported
“sea surface temperatures
above 79 degrees Fahren

heit are typically needed
for a hurricane to continue
to grow.”
A hurricane is
not now present in the
Gulf, but more will surely
Note that early
on May 25, the National
Data Buoy Center station
42040, located in the Gulf
Dear Editor,
For several years now
complaints have been
presented to the Lafayette
City Council regarding
the appearance of unkept/
abandoned homes/burned
homes that are not inhabit-
able throughout the town.
The question is why the
city council refuses to act
and enforce these ordi-
Pictures, addresses etc.
has been presented to the
city council. One dwelling
located on
LaFayette Street North
is a disgrace to the com

munity. Being located on a
major pass-thru it is poor
representation of our com-
munity. There are many
other homes in this disar-
ray throughout our town.
Attorneys have sug

gested filing a law suit
against the city council to
enforce these
ordinances. I would
think that the members
of the city council would
take more pride in the
town. If legal actions
must be taken then so be
it. I respectfully ask that
a response will be issued
within 30 days.
Randy Talley
south of Mobile, reported
a sea surface temperature
of 81.7 degrees.
We have known for
decades that increased
levels of greenhouse
gases (GHG) result from
burning fossil fuels (coal,
oil, natural gas), and these
gases cause increased
We must
rapidly convert to renew-
able sources of energy
(solar, wind, geothermal),
which will greatly reduce
GHG emissions.
We can
and must do this!
David Newto