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Liberals Are Damaging Our Great Country


Letter to the Editor:
I was just thinking
about how liberals have
damaged our great coun-
try over the years ever so
slowly, but surely. They
have totally destroyed the
Boy Scouts, first by glam

orizing homosexuality
into it, then by completely
taking the male out of it.
They are well on the way
of doing the same thing to
the Girl Scouts by letting
Planned Parenthood get
involved in their group.
Liberals have invented
eight different Genders,
which are to complicated
for me to describe. I can
tell you and easy way to
identify the gender of your
child. Look between their
legs when you change
their diapers, which prob-
ably has been banned by
liberals. If somehow this
doesn’t work have their
chromosomes checked if
they end up XX they are
100% female or XY they
are 100% male. No matter
how you dress them or no
matter how many hor-
mones you ingest chromo-
somes never change.
Liberals went harder
background checks to
buy guns. If you’ve ever
bought a gun you already
know all the red tape
you have to go through.
But yet, I can’t figure
out why they are against
background checks when
illegals cross our borders.
We are called bigots for
even questioning them.
They got mad because
Liberals Are Damaging Our Great Country
Dilapidated Properties
Trump called MS 13
gangster animals, but I
wish they had been that
thoughtful and kind when
it came to the tea party or
any Republican man or
woman, animal would be
a complement.
Liberals are worried
about illegals being sepa-
rated from children when
in US custody. I have
never heard a liberal wine
when service men and
women are separated for
months or even years from
their children. Some even
missing their children’s
birth. When you cross
our borders, even seeking
asylum is illegal until it
goes through court. I don’t
see liberals whining when
an American citizen man
or woman has to leave
their kids when they break
the law and end up in jail.
Liberals, and when I say
liberals, I mean Demo-
crats in general. You can’t
be a Democrat without
upholding their main com-
mandments; the Liberals
climate change myth,
abortion, open borders
and any other socialistic
Liberals are so worried
about foreign meddling
in our elections but are
hurrying to give illegal’s
drivers license in states
where all you need is a
drivers license to vote.
They are loading up states
like California with ille-
gal’s ahead of the senses
in order to up the elec-
toral vote in those states, because the census goes
by headcount legal citi-
zenship. That’s why they
raise heck when Trump
wanted to add a line on
the census form to check
if you are legal citizen or
not. There is no way Rus-
sia, China or anyone could
metal in our elections the
corrupt way Democrats
do in every election.
Especially with George
Soros voting machines in
every state with no paper
I make it a point to not
force my rights in ways on
any other person as long
as you’re not a hypocrite
about it. If you
hate guns
you should put a big sign
on your front door saying
“This is a gun free zone
and there is no guns on
this property” but then
most certainly don’t have
an armed bodyguard like
the nuts in Hollywood.
If you believe in cli-
mate change cut your air
conditioner off and don’t
drive SUVs or big trucks.
Most certainly don’t fly
around in your private jet and live in a house with a
power bill in the thou-
sands of dollars monthly
like Al Gore and the rest
of Hollywood do. Still
they expect me to drive a
matchbox car and put my
thermostat at 80°.
If you believe in abor-
tion and that it’s only a
mass of cells, even though
it has 10 fingers 10 toes
and a little beating heart,
I guess that you’re right.
Don’t try to force that
on me. It disappoints me
with some of the large
churches around here
instructing their congrega-
tion to darken that one dot
on their voting ballot for a
straight Democratic ticket.
You can’t be a Demo-
crat and not support abor-
tion so those preachers
Bibles must be different
from mine. I wonder what
they’ll tell those 70 mil-
lion babies one day when
they meet them face-to-
face “I can only imagine”
Danny Mitchell
Huguley, Alabama