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Life on the farm – Farm Marriage Trust


By Kim Slay

Forget those workshops where they have you fall backwards into waiting arms

Life on the farm makes your marriage strong when your husband is on the ground castrating a calf with his back to a 1000 lbs of mad mama and trusts you to use a 2 ft piece of stout oak stick to keep him safe

Or when I managed to damage Phil’s cowboy hat and scare myself to death.

My old JD raking tractor had a flat with 15 acres to go so Phil switched me to the big Kubota 105 that I’ve never driven before. 

When I got to the last field, the counter tension spring that keeps a rake arm from flipping too far up and over came undone and tangled my rake arms together. 
Got it on the downhill side so that gravity would work with us but when Phil had me work the hydraulics to lower the arm while he tugged it over, things did not go so well. Down it flipped and the hydraulic arm was so low it didn’t catch it before it got Phil. 

He hit the ground, the rake arm hit around him, and the brim of his cowboy hat has a hole poked in it. 

I assured him that if I was going to kill him, I would have chosen a much better way.