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LPD Monthly Police Report


The LaFayette Police
Department investigated 9
traffic accidents resulting
in 3 injuries during the
month of July 2019. There
were 487 complaints
resulting in 79 arrest.
Animal control picked up
7-failure to appear or pay
6-disorderly conduct
1-no seatbelt
2-domestic violence 3rd
9-no proof of insurance
5-driver’s license suspended
or revoked
2-no driver’s license
2-no tag
1-no mirror
1-fail to yield for emergency
1-run stop sign
4-theft of property 4th
6-criminal mischief 3rd
8-assault 3rd
3-improper lights
2-domestic violence 2nd
1-improper passing
1-expired license
2-criminal trespass 3rd
1-give false name to law
enforcement officer
1-burglary 3rd
July 2018
Complaints 389
Arrest 29
Wrecks 8
Injuries 0
Animal control 17
Police officer’s attended
the following
Chief Rampey – Alabama
Chief of Police
conference in Orange
Beach, Al.