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M.E.N. on the Move again

The M.E.N (Mentoring, Empowering, Nurturing) Group made their way to Five Point school Sep. 27.
The M.E.N is a group started by Pastor Karanja Story, The pastor of Rehoboth Baptist Church out of Valley Al. Which according to him states, that Men needs to get more active in the educational journey of our children.

The M.E.N group which means Mentoring, Empowering, Nurturing.
This group of men gets together and go around to different local schools and greets the kids at the bus stop as they enter the schools.

The kids was so excited to see the M.E.N standing at the bus stop as they exit the buses with BIG smiles and High fives. Their smiles just lit up your day!!! Thanks M.E.N!!!