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Man arrested for shooting hunting dogs


Frank a two-year-
old beagle was shot on
January 12, 2019 and as
a result the small dog lost
his front left leg.
According to Vinson
Sanders, owner of the
beagle the Ridge Grove
Hunting Club had set up
to hunt on 455 acres off
of County Road 28 on
the last weekend of their
hunting season. The club
released four dogs each
wearing an identification
collar and a Garmin-
tracking collar.
The dogs immediately
took out on a trail. While
the hunters watched the
progression of the dog’s
pursuit of the deer they
noticed the dogs crossed
a property line on their
hand held Garmin.
Vinson said, “The dogs
were across the line for
By Alton Mitchell
A 23-year-old Valley,
Alabama man is happy to
be alive today and facing
a road to recovery after
being injured in a head on
collision Thursday night
while traveling back to
Chambers County after
enjoying an evening out
with friends in Birming-
Edward Baltes is a
23-year-old LaFayette
High School graduate who
now resides in Valley.
Baltes was driving a rental
vehicle on Thursday night
when he and several of
his friends evening of fun
turned into a life or death
situation in the suburbs
south of Birmingham.
As Baltes was driv-
ing the vehicle eastbound
on U.S. Highway 280 in
Shelby County near the
city of Chelsea he noted
headlights coming towards
him on the busy four-
lane highway. That is the
last thing he remembers
until he woke up sore and
receiving treatment at a
hospital hours later.
The Kia Forte be-
ing driven by Baltes
was struck head on by a
vehicle being operated
by a drunk driver. The
impact caused Baltes to
lose consciousness and he
has no recollection of first
responders arriving to the
scene and transporting him
to a hospital.
“I woke up in an
unknown place with
unknown people around
me,” noted Baltes as he
describes awaking un-
aware, he was in a hospital
with medical personnel
around him. He noted he
was wearing a neck brace
and extremely sore with
the last memory he has
of the headlights coming
towards him.
Baltes says he suffered
numerous injuries as a
result of the crash that
includes internal bleeding,
a concussion, and neck
injuries. He was released
from the hospital on Fri-
day after spending several
hours at the medical facil-
ity receiving treatment.
Baltes is happy to be
alive and just encourages
everyone to not drink and
drive and wants people to
know its just not worth it
to put someone else’s life
in jeopardy over a few
drinks. The other driver
in the crash was taken
into custody by authori-
ties in Shelby County and
charged with DUI. None
of the passengers in the
vehicle with Baltes sus-
tained any major injuries.
Baltes is expected to make
a full recovery and notes
this is an experience he
will never forget. Despite
his injuries he plans to
return to work in Opelika
this week.
Edward Baltes of Val-
ley is seen in this hospital
photo just hours after be-
ing hit head on by a drunk
driver near Birmingham.
only 2 maybe 3 minutes
and we heard a gunshot.
He said the dogs then
turned back around and
returned to the hunter’s
However, the dogs do-
ing what they are trained
to do followed the scent
and looped back onto the
property and followed the
2 to 3 minute loop again.
Vinson said “On the
second loop we heard 3
shots ring out. We saw on
the Garmin where 2 dogs
were still.”
Vinson said “We knew
this was not going to be
good for our dogs when
we found them.”
The hunting club called
the sheriff and game war-
den. Sgt. Hinkle from the
Chambers County Sheriff
department responded
along with Game Warden
John Davidson.
Smut a six-year-old
beagle was found ap-
proximately 30 yards
across the property line
shot to death. However,
Frank being a younger
dog managed to find his
way back to his owner,
but his injuries were life
An arrest was made
by the Chambers County
Sheriff Dept in this
matter. David Green, 47
of Pinson, Alabama was
arrested for two counts of
Animal Cruelty and one
count of Theft of Property
Third degree.
Allegedly, Green was
located by the game
warden after a search. He
was found with the dog’s
Garmin tracking collars,
which had been turned
off. Green told the warden
he found the shot dogs,
removed the tracking
collars with intentions
of returning them to the
The identification
collars, which were
also missing from the
shot dogs have not been