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Many calling for Gov. Bentley’s resignation


By Alton Mitchell

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has drawn his line in the sand and despite growing demand for his resignation, Bentley states he is not going anywhere. The embattled Governor of Alabama has been in the hot seat in recent days following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with his senior political advisor.

Governor Bentley has come out and stated that he did make what he called inappropriate comments to Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Mason served as Bentley’s senior political advisor. Bentley states that his actions with Mason only go as far as comments to her, but recent recordings have been released that do show a more physical relationship may have been ongoing.

The released tapes include material that references activities that include kissing and the touch of Mason’s breast. Bentley maintains that his actions were never physical. In light of the recent developments and evidence that has emerged many are calling for the resignation of Bentley.

The outcry for the resignation has been seen across all realms of Alabama’s population. Residents have called for his resignation as well as political leaders and party members. Even members of Bentley’s own party have stated it may be in his best interest to step down.

Bentley is holding his ground and states that he will not be leaving office. He continues to maintain his level of innocence and in public meetings has strived to downplay the events and focus more on the politics of Alabama first. Despite his downplaying of the issue many still see the events as being unethical and a violation of Bentley’s oath.