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Senate Needs To Stop Talking,
Accomplish Something
What a spectacle the
Kavanaugh confirmation
hearings have become. I
am saddened that this pro-
cess has broken down to
allegations of flagellation
and drunkenness, without
any thought given to the
man’s long record as a
judge in Washington D.C.
I’ve mused many times
about the ineffectiveness
of the U.S. Senate, and I
think any of us who have
carefully watched the
confirmation proceedings
could agree, this is an
institution run amuck.
But then again, look at
the participants. Trump
hater Sen. Jeff Flake
couldn’t win his Repub-
lican primary election so
he decided to retire. But
wait, he was found every-
where last weekend after
he joined Democrats in
demanding an additional
FBI investigation of Ka-
vanaugh and his accusers.
There he was on several
cable stations, and at D.C.
events trumpeting his
change of heart. Rumor
has it the Flakester will
challenge Trump in the
Republican presidential
Two Democratic sena-
tors, New Jersey’s Corey
Booker and California’s
Kamala Harris, neither
having served a full term
are expected to announce
their presidential aspira-
tions. And then there is
Ted Cruz and Lyndsey
Graham who tried to face
down Trump in 2016. It’s
not the Judiciary Committee, but rather a group
of senators seeking the
presidency, and use the
free television exposure
the confirmation hearings
provided to show the pub-
lic how great their oratory
skills are.
That’s what we do in
the Senate. We stand up
at the podium and talk
eloquently about nothing.
Truth doesn’t matter- only
trashing your opposition.
I’ve chastised the Senate
in the past for doing noth-
ing but trash talking, and
nowhere is this clearer
than in these confirmation
Of course, one could
say, once your elected
to the Senate, you never
leave. The ranking mem-
ber of the Democrats on
the Judiciary Committee
is Dianne Feinstein. She
is approaching 86, and
has been a senator for 25
years. Chuck Grassley,
the committee chair is
85, but has served in the
senate for 37 years. Orrin
Hatch, a Republican on
the judiciary committee
is 84, and has been in the
senate a whopping 41
This is the swamp
Trump talks about, and
I’m sorry, there’s no
way the judiciary com-
mittee can be effective
with these oldtimers
leading the charge and
young bucks like Flake
and Booker, using the
venerable institution as
stepping stones for the
I’m gonna throw out a
few suggestions that might
make some go bananas.
First I might suggest we
cut the senate terms from
six years to four. Gov-
ernors serve four year
terms. U.S. Congressmen
serve only two years. Why
should the Senate serve
six. Cut it back to four
and maybe they will get
something done.
OR eliminate the
institution all together.
Again, my claim is they
do nothing. Another claim
is that they are so divided
along party lines that any
meaningful legislation is
stonewalled by one party
or the other. As previously
noted, all you had to do
was watch the Kavanaugh
confirmation hearings to
see how our elected offi

cials shamefully operated.
Is the Senate really
needed? The 535 bodies
that make up Congress, in
my mind, are much more
effective than the Senate.
I know this is totally radi-
cal, but I ask, do these out-
of-touch, self-indulging,
oratorically skilled men
and women truly represent
our interests or their own?
I think you know the