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Mike’s Musings: Civics And Kurds Need More Consideration

By Mike Wilcox, Publisher

It’s time to bring back “civics” as a required course in our high schools. I propose “civics” or home economics, as some might want to call it, because so many millennials and teenagers have no clue as to how to balance a checkbook, or what the three branches of government are.

It was required when I was in school a long long time ago. In fact I took two years of it. I remember my civics teacher, roly poly Lowell Frisch, who had a collection of spanking paddles he didn’t hesitate to use when a student was out of line. But more importantly what I learned in his class, has unlike Algebra or Geometry, been and still is extremely useful.

My son who graduated from high school last year, took Home Economics as an elective and he too says it is one of the most useful classes he has taken. Most classes teach theory, but quite honestly theory doesn’t help you much in real life.

Living life is not easy and without the basics like where to register to vote, or how to utilize a credit card, makes it tough on a young person. Students need to be taught “everyday living” in high school and not have to learn by trial and error in the real word. Bring back civics and make it required for graduation.

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO tweeted over the weekend that is time for world and U.S. leaders to consider granting independence to the Kurds in northern Iraq and Syria. His timing might be suspect- Iraq’s parliament had just voted to expedite removal of U.S. troops from their soil, but the idea is worth debating.

The Kurds have long been an ally of the United States. Heck they did most of the fighting against Assad and Syria for us, and they were considered skilled fighters. Despite at times, the U.S. turning its back on them, they have always been loyal to us.

They are very different than their neighbors to the south- Iraq and Syria. For one they have similar values as the United States. They are mostly Muslim, but much more liberal in their attitudes toward religion and gender. For instance many women hold top positions in their government and business. There is a significant Christian population in Kurdistan, mainly because people of all religions are welcome.

The U.S. must have foresaw their exit from Iraq, because they have been busy building military bases in Kurdistan. We have more soldiers there than we do in Iraq and Syria. It is truly a safe zone for us, unlike bases to the south.

I was astonished to learn there are nearly 50,000,000 people in Kurdistan. That is more than any other ethnic group not living in their own nation state. Believe there are fewer Palestinians than Kurds.

It might be an impractical idea in the long run but I believe it is worth considering. It will certainly piss off Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria, all whom they think have interests in Kurdistan, and like to claim it as their own, but just maybe it’s time the Kurds are allowed to form their own republic. Just maybe the U.S. and others should at least give the idea consideration.