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Mike’s Musings – Congress, Presidency A Joke


By Mike Wilcox, Publisher
Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor

Man, if I ran a business as dysfunctional as Congress and the West Wing, I would see bankruptcy as quickly as Anthony Scaramucci was booted out of the White House.

The dysfunctionality that pervades both branches of government is beyond comprehension.

In the case of Congress, it’s simply a fact, as it always has been, that they get nothing done. I don’t care if it is the Republicans, who are in control now, or the Democrats, that were in control, a few years ago, this body, particularly the Senate portion, is useless.

I know as an upstanding citizen who pays his taxes and salutes the flag, I am expected to be ingratiated towards our senators. Nothing could be further from the truth. I kinda despise them. I despise them because they go to Washington D.C. never to return to their home state. They somehow become rich, and have health, travel and other perks not afforded to ordinary citizens. They with their six year terms, remain in office for an eternity, rarely ever facing defeat.
Most of the leadership positions in Congress are held by career politicians- representatives that have been in office for 20, 30, sometimes 40 plus years.

They are 60, 70, and in many cases over 80 years old. They have no desire to change the status quo, no matter had badly many of us want and expect change. Let’s face it, if you or I were in their seat, we wouldn’t want change either. We would have the best of everything- most importantly money and power far beyond what ordinary citizens could muster.

Therefore nothing gets done. You want a revamped health care system? Despite all the verbal railings in the past 8 years from Republican lawmakers, claiming when they had the power, Obamacare would be dismantled, they now can’t do it. Hey let’s face it when you know something isn’t going to happen you can advocate against it all you want, but now that it could become reality, oops, I don’t think I really meant what I was advocating. The status quo is always safer.
The same will happen with any other important pieces of legislation that would require changing the status quo. It simply isn’t going to happen.

What really gets under my crawl is the inability of either side of the aisle to compromise. What would Congress be like if Republicans actually included Democrats in meetings and discussions about possible legislation?

The same could be said about the West Wing. President Trump has excluded access to the Democrats. If I remember correctly he was elected president of all the people, and by a razor thin margin at that. In my opinion he should be including Democrats in all decisions when it comes to getting his agenda pushed through.
But of course that isn’t happening, quite frankly, because of the dysfunction at the White House. Trump, they say, likes to work in a chaotic atmosphere, but the revolving door is only a distraction, that again allows nothing to get done. The hiring of the egotistical Scaramucci was just plain stupid, and his treatment of Jeff Sessions has been deplorable.

I have some confidence that his latest appointment, Chief of Staff John Kelly, will work out well. Kelly, a four-star general and highly regarded as a no-nonsense administrator, should whip the West Wing in to shape. If President Trump allows him to do his job, and tones down his rhetoric, there is hope for this presidency after all.

Congress, however, is a different matter. As long as octogenarian millionaires are in the lead, there will be no hope.