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Mike’s Musings – No Escaping Back Pain

Mike’s Musings – No Escaping Back Pain


My failed bid to quit coffee, which I outlined in last week’s column, drew quite a bit of attention from fellow coffee drinkers. Most were very understanding as I outlined my trials and tribulations, and my one day hiatus from my “go juice.”

I failed to mention there was one other reason I simply couldn’t quit cold turkey at this point, and many of you have the same malady as me- my back gave out on me the night I decided to quit drinking coffee. Maybe it is an excuse, or maybe it is real, but when my lower back fails to function properly I cannot concentrate on much of anything else.

By Mike Wilcox, Publisher

Of all reasons, I slept funny that night, because when I arose to ready myself for work, I had that throbbing pain many of us are so familiar with. There I was in the bathroom, removing myself from the shower, and preparing to get dressed for a busy day.

I attempted to bend over to pull my trousers up my legs. Oh my Lord, the pain was excruciating, and I was unable to complete the task. Thus I sat on a chair and was able to complete the task. I was however, not able to tie my shoe laces. I angrily tossed the shoes in a closet and pulled out a pair of loafers. I managed to find a pullover sweater, but lifting my arms to get into it was again too painful. I had to discard the sweater for a button-down shirt.

Someone described back pain as almost as bad as a toothache. I think that is a stretch, but the constant throbbing is definitely annoying. It’s been three days now and the throbbing is still bothersome, particularly when I attempt to lie down and catch a good night’s rest. The key word is “attempt.” With back pain you can’t sleep. You twist and turn in an attempt to get comfortable, but no position alleviates the throbbing.

Next morning as the shower, get dressed cycle plays out once more, you are tired and crabby and wishing you had a Keurig instead of the slow Mr. Coffee pot. Finally the “go juice” is brewed and you can actually smile for a brief moment, before the grimace becomes a fixture on your face.

Of course sitting in a chair all day with your back pulsating is no easy chore. At one point I laid on the floor and had an employee walk on my back. When I was growing up my dad use to have my siblings and I do this for him. He swore it was a big help for his back pain. RIP Dad, but I can’t say it helped me one iota.

After work I sit lazily in the hot tub. Hmmm I thought pulsating jets on a pulsating lower back would be just what the doctor ordered. Think again. The hot tub made the back pain worse. From hot tub time to bed time I couldn’t stand up straight. You would think I was auditioning for “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

So as I complete this rant I now realize I have two choices. One I can wait this out hoping the back pain will go away, or two, I can make my way to a chiropractor. I have been to chiropractors on and off my entire life, and for the most part a good “crack” helps immensely. But then other times the pain just seems to subside and then go away after a week or so.

As I walk in to the office I suddenly sneeze. The pain is excruciating. I slowly bend over because the pain is bringing tears to my eyes. I think the man upstairs has made the decision for me. On to the chiropractor. Hope he has a good cup of warm coffee.